Novena : Day 6

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In critical circumstances, her advice was heeded, a bulwark against discouragement. […] During that year (1660) […] every inhabitant had to be ready for combat. The Iroquois had moved up the St. Lawrence and were threatening Quebec. […] The Ursuline monastery was abandoned and put under siege. Marie remained there alone with three companions to provide ammunition to the soldiers. […] At times, everything seemed to point to the loss of the colony. Marie identified with all these miseries, these difficulties, this general anxiety. […] But, as seen in her letters, she never despaired. It was perhaps due to a few kind-hearted women like herself, and to her Ursulines sisters, and to the Augustinian Hospital Nuns, in their resolution to stay, in spite of everything, that Quebec survived so many calamities!

Dom Albert JAMET, Écrits spirituels et historiques [Spiritual and Historical Writings], Volume 1, General Introduction, p. 37