In these special times we are living, we are collectively challenged in many ways. We need glorious examples more than ever in order to help us continue the journey with a gaze that knows how to rise above the vagaries of life.

The founders and foundresses of the Church of Quebec, by their example which shines through the centuries, open the way for us and encourage us to persevere in the mission which is ours currently. These witnesses of yesterday teach us how to stay focused on the essential immutable, that is, the presence and action of God in our joys as in our sorrows.

Then like now, it is a mission of love that is asked to us: presenting Christ to the world, as our predecessors with missionary hearts did with faith. They believed in the rich values of gospel love, and their limitless faith made them persevere beyond all obstacles.

In this novena dedicated to them, let us contemplate their faith, their hope and their love which helped them to persevere in the total gift of themselves in the service of God and of their neighbor.

Pray with us each day :

  • Novena : Day 9
    Marie-Catherine of Saint-Augustin was in poor health and the very difficult living conditions in Canada worsened her condition. In spite of everything, nothing could make her abandon the mission that the Lord had entrusted to her in this country. The superior of the monastery of Bayeux, to whom she was attached, having one day known … Continued
  • Novena : Day 8
    Unlimited audacity, faith and perseverance are the qualities that Brébeuf found necessary for “those of the Society who come to New France should be impelled to it by a special and very forcible call; persons who are dead to themselves and to the world; men truly apostolic, ho seek God alone, and the salvation of … Continued
  • Novena : Day 7
    Everything done by the hand of God is admirably useful to us, though we may not see its effects immediately. For many years now, Providence has guided this Church, and us with it, along spiritual and temporal paths that are both hard and crucifying. Provided that His holy will be done, this is of no … Continued
  • Novena : Day 6
    In critical circumstances, her advice was heeded, a bulwark against discouragement. […] During that year (1660) […] every inhabitant had to be ready for combat. The Iroquois had moved up the St. Lawrence and were threatening Quebec. […] The Ursuline monastery was abandoned and put under siege. Marie remained there alone with three companions to … Continued
  • Novena : Day 5
    Lord Jesus, my Savior, you redeemed me by Your most precious blood and death. This is why I promise to give my life serving You, in the Society of Jesus, serving no other than You and for You only. I sign this promise with my own blood and hand, ready to sacrifice all of my … Continued
  • Novena : Day 4
    I feel my heart disposed to do and to suffer whatever my good Master will please to send me: He knows my strengths, and I believe that he will allow nothing but for the best. The Crosses of Canada, which are quite frequent, have not diminished nor altered in any way my inner peace. I … Continued
  • Novena : Day 3
    It is impossible to persevere in a fervent evangelization unless we are convinced from personal experience that it is not the same thing to have known Jesus as not to have known him, not the same thing to walk with him as to walk blindly. (…) It is not the same thing to try to … Continued
  • Novena : Day 2
    The must strive to avoid both of the two extremes to be feared in those who work to convert souls: to hope too much or to despair too much. Those who hope too much are often the first to despair, faced with all the difficulties involved in the conversion of the infidels, which is more … Continued
  • Novena : Day 1
    The day after the fire, the Governor and the Father Superior brought us to see that great furnace which no one yet dared approach […] Rebuilding on these ruins seemed entirely unlikely […] It was thought that the only thing we could do was to return to France […] but not one of us showed … Continued